Program Outline

Program Objective

In accordance with the Curriculum Development Guide of Education Bureau, moral education is one of the five key learning experiences for students’ all-round development. This aims at facilitating students’ positive value and active attitude development. The school first and foremost cultivates students’ personal and social development with 5 critical values and attitudes, including perseverance, respect for others, responsibility, national identity and commitment. People Impact’s EQ Enhancement Program is a very comprehensive personal and social (moral and social education) development program. It aims to strengthen students’ personal and social development. Apart from training students’ perseverance, respect for others, responsibility and commitment, the program also facilitates students’ self-confidence, understanding of self- and others’ values, emotion management, teamwork, communication skills, coping skills, money/value management, time management, planning skills, survival skills and etc.

Program Content

The program is developed by Dr. Anthony R. Dickinson PhD., a world-wide renowned psychologist and brain functioning scientist, based on research. Through experiential learning under various interactive and interesting learning situations, students would practice different social and behavioral skills. These learning experiences thereupon further motivate their leadership and problem solving capabilities. The program works in collaboration with the school and parents to educate students’ social and moral development. Through relaxing and interesting activities, students would develop life-long learning attitude in coping with unexpected challenges. Hence, different modules are embraced in this program.

Program Module

Self-Esteem, Anger Management, Communication, Coping Skills, Leadership, Money Smart, Time Management, Plan to Succeed, Survival Skills

Student:K1-K3 students
Class size: 12- 18 students
Each module includes 8 lessons (8 hours in total & requires 2 months for completion)
Location: Tivoli Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten
Lanuage: English
Trainer(s): Licensed Trainers from People Impact and with Psychology Degree or above.
Supporting Material:Program Companion and A module certificate and a report of core development areas would be presented to students who successfully complete each module (80% attendance). An one hour parenting workshop would be provided after students complete each module.