English Drama: The Ants and the Children


The Ants and the Children

Based on classic childreantanddoven’s story, The Ant and the Dove, and what’s our class has created about an ant’s nightmare, Miss Crystal is going to re-write a new story with them: The Ants and the Children.

One day, the ants were searching for food. After walking around for some time, they came to the children’s picnic mat. To reach the food, the ants had to climb up. While making their way up, they slipped and fell onto the children’s feet. The ants could have heavily injured if they were being blown by the children. Seeing that the ants were in trouble, the children decided to let them go. Just at that time, a bad guy nearby was throwing some stones towards the children, hoping to make fun.

Guessing what he was about to do, the ants quickly bit him on the heel. Feeling the pain, the bad guy dropped his stone. The children was quick to run away to safety.

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